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Installing Hacker Blocker

Windows Installation:

Once downloaded, run the .msi or .exe package to install. If your Windows firewall is not activated, Hacker Blocker will detect it and guide you to activating it first. After installation, Hacker Blocker will show a dialog box displaying it's current status, and download the latest IP Blocklist from our servers. These IP addresses are then added to your native Windows firewall. Once complete, Hacker Blocker will show how many Rules it has set. Minimizing it will hide the program in the system tray, where you can click it to re-open the interface.

Auto-Detection of Resident IP Block - If your public IP address is in our blocklist, Hacker Blocker will automatically remove it from your machine's local firewall rules and alert you that you're on a blocked IP. This can happen if you connect to certain VPNs in our list due to hacker activity on those networks. Once you are on an IP not in our list, Hacker Blocker will reblock that IP in your firewall.

Linux / Unix / WHM Firewall Updates:

Once you signup for our auto-update service, our staff will add your server to our auto-FTP upload system. Every 15 minutes, our server will upload the latest CSF.DENY file to your firewall's folder. For WHM CSF, you will have to make some configuration changes to handle more entries and enhance performance. Contact one of our support staff to assist you at 617-819-5877 M-F 9:00am -5:00pm EST.

Click Fraud Protection

To activate your Click Fraud Protection, simply allow access by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to your Google Ads account. We'll activate your ClickCease™ account and block over 400 CIDRs and IPs that are known click fraud networks / farms, giving you an instant boost, while ClickCease™ detects and blocks new fraudulent clicks.

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