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Leadership Behind Hacker Blocker

Charlie Trig

Charles Triglianos

CEO and Founder of Hacker Blocker

Charles Triglianos, widely known as Charlie Trig, is a visionary entrepreneur hailing from Brooklyn, New York, renowned for his rapid learning abilities and exceptional achievements. Graduating high school at the remarkable age of 16, Charles earned a full scholarship to the esteemed New York Institute of Technology, making history as one of its youngest freshmen.

After college, Charles commenced his professional journey as an electronic technician, specializing in the installation and maintenance of large-scale fire and burglary systems across New York City and Long Island. His expertise led to numerous certifications in advanced security and telecommunications systems, distinguishing him as one of the state's few authorized technicians for critical systems servicing various government departments and corporate entities.

In 1996, Charlie embarked on his entrepreneurial path, launching a thriving retail computer center in Long Island, expanding its services to encompass networking, software licensing, web development, and advanced server design. In just three years, Charlie and his team transformed Trig Enterprises into a multimillion-dollar corporation, a testament to his innovative approach and business acumen.

In 2006, recognizing shifts in the IT landscape, Charles decided to close the retail division and focus entirely on web and software development. This marked the birth of Trig Web Design, a venture that has, for the past 18 years, provided comprehensive web development, SEO, and hosting solutions to businesses nationwide.

In response to the escalating threat of cyberattacks, Charles introduced Hacker Blocker in 2016, a pioneering cybersecurity solution initially designed to safeguard Trig Web Design's clientele. This software has since evolved to adapt to the dynamic cyber threat landscape and is now trusted by organizations across the nation.

Today, Charles serves as the CEO of Hacker Blocker, leading a dynamic team of software developers, executives, and sales professionals to continually enhance the capabilities and outreach of the platform. Charlie firmly believes that this mission to protect our nation from cybercriminals is his true calling, a culmination of his life's experiences and endeavors.

Beyond his professional commitments, Charles Triglianos is an esteemed member of the American Legion and proudly serves as an American Legion Rider in Plaistow, NH.

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