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How Do Licenses Work?

Hacker Blocker for Windows Licensing

Windows PC -  Single user license is for one Activation on a single device. You can move an Activation from one device to another 3 times, called 'Deactivations' per license. If you need more Deactivations, you can request them in your Customer License Portal or call support.

Windows Server edition - Licenses are assigned to a physical OSE of Windows Server for up to 25 users or virtual OSEs, with two activations assigned. For Enterprise and Datacenter editions with more than 25 OSEs, contact our Volume License department.

Volume Licenses can be ordered by calling our sales department at (617) 819-5877. We can also customize your license options for easy tracking and deactivations of licenses on individual machines:

Volume Server License

Volume License with two device Activations

For Windows Server, Activation codes for physical OSE, calculated by number of users or virtual OSEs (VMs).

As low as $8 per user / mo
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Mulitple Device License

Multiple Devices with Single Activation

For multiple PCs, assigns a single license and Activation code to each device, for those who need more control over Deactivations.

As low as $25 per device / mo
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Volume & Device License

Combination License

Manage all your Volume Server & device license activations from your Customer License Portal.

Call for custom pricing.

Our Customer License Portal allows Customers to organize and control license options easily, and we can help customize your Portal for easy management.

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (617) 819-5877 to speak to a licensing specialist.

Linux / Unix / WHM

For Linux machines, we use Secure FTP (sFTP) connections to upload our Blocklist to your CSF path every 15 minutes, in whichever format needed i.e.: csf.deny. We offer paid subscriptions through our website here.