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From a small town in New Hampshire...

Hacker Blocker for WindowsThe team behind Hacker Blocker is made of web developers, internet engineers, software developers and IT experts dedicated to stopping hackers for the greater good.

Our Mission is to make Hacking an act that gets you BLOCKED by every major system in the world. Imagine if Google, Amazon, Facebook and other major sites would block you from them if you tried to hack a little old lady or corporate server. Being a Hacker would mean possible ostracizing from the entire Internet. That's is our Goal.

Welcome to Trig Web Design
Trig Web Design

creators of Hacker Blocker

The team at Trig Web Design are much more than just web developers and graphic artists. For over 20 years, Trig has been in the Information Technology sector providing computer hardware expertise, software development, advanced networking, Internet engineering and website development. Our clients have included Fortune 100 companies, Universities, Municipalities and even the US Military.

Why We Created Hacker Blocker

We created Hacker Blocker because our own servers were being attacked every day by hackers and spammers, slowing our servers and filling our email boxes. After we cleaned up the server and updated our security, we discovered that our server firewall didn't block hacker IPs without someone entering them in, one by one. So, we started researching and adding hacker IP addresses and adding them to our firewalls.

After years of work, we have compiled a blocklist of over 2 billions IPs of known hackers, botnets, spammers and other 'bad actors'. Attacks on our clients have dropped from 7000+ per day to less than 5, and server processor usage has dropped 90%.

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